Dune Films | Ride Out
Hanging at base camp prepping to get back out for more dune shots. When the sun goes down here it’s complete insanity…in a good way. Neons and sandrails pushing wide open in the pitch of night. A sight to see for sure. 
America I Am
We were honored and humbled to provide digital creative direction and TV concepts for the America I Am exhibition that chronicled the historic and current “imprint” African-Americans have had on this nation and across the world. The exhibit was over 10,000 square feet, displayed over 200 artifacts and breathed life into the ...
The Sound of Bikes
A mental expression video captured through pictures, sound and motion graphics to visually bring to life the adrenaline rush and euphoria from riding motorcycles created for Dyno Dragon Fashion and The Redline99 (X)perience.
Dune Films | Ride Out 2
We had the opportunity to ride out at The Dumont Sand Dunes for part 2 of the shoot and captured some crazy footage for a future action sports project.
Oceans99 | Custom Kicks Project
Custom shoe collaboration to produce what we affectionately call The Oceans99.
Marketing Mayhem | The Age of the Ad Wastelands
Collaborating with a couple of our creative and production partners we had a little Halloween fun around the topics of boring advertising, sewage media spend and diabolical data with a horror twist.
Hello Sayulita
Exploring the coast of Mexico, Sayulita captured our imaginations with their array of color palettes that grace the skyline. It’s simple beauty at its best.
Sunny Seattle
We were just out having some photo fun in Sunny Seattle. I know, not typical and it’s why we had to capture it. Love, love Seattle.
The Art of the Grustle
The ATL Eastside Westside Custom Kicks
In collaboration with one of our sneakerhead artist, we created this custom ATL expression of the East Side (right shoe) and the West Side (left shoe) of the city incorporating Google map prints of each location. Dope!